About Soul to Plate


Suzanna in her element, with a mouth full of raw vegan carrot cake

I’m Suzanna, the founder of and chef behind Soul to Plate. My goal is to make your life easier by providing:

  • Fully personalized, home-cooked meals

    • I take care of everything, from planning the menu, to grocery shopping, cooking in your home, and cleaning up.

    • Meals can be catered to any dietary preferences (vegan? paleo? low FODMAP? just plain tasty?). I create unique menus to meet your requirements.

    • Ingredients are high-quality, unprocessed, organic, and locally sourced when available

  • Private cooking classes

    • I offer individual or group cooking classes with a focus on meal preparation techniques

    • Weekly menus and grocery lists are provided so you can put your skills to use and enjoy simple, delicious meals all week long

Roasted thyme-smothered chicken, asparagus, and crispy smashed potato

Roasted thyme-smothered chicken, asparagus, and crispy smashed potato

How Soul to Plate began

I started Soul to Plate after five years of working in finance. When I began working in an office, mornings were a race to the subway with Starbucks or a granola bar in hand. Famished by lunchtime, I’d buy a chicken salad wrap paired with chips. After picking at office snacks throughout the afternoon, I’d head home to takeout or a Trader Joe’s “healthy” prepared meal. I was tired. I had no energy for my friends, family or the hobbies I enjoyed. This cyclical rut likely sounds familiar…."on Monday, I’ll get into a better routine,” I told myself weekly.

I wanted meals that tasted heavenly, but I also wanted to feel energized and satisfied with the quality of the food I was eating. The answer? I got into the kitchen and started preparing REAL FOOD, promising to cook at least 18 of my meals each week. I pored over cookbooks, dog-earring countless pages and devouring nutrition articles on different dietary approaches.

Not only did home-cooked meals help me feel immeasurably better than their processed counterparts, but they were also tastier and more satiating than sandwiches from the deli and even the “healthy” takeout options so often weighed down with poor quality oils and unnecessary ingredients. I shed over 15 pounds in three months while enjoying food more than before. A light-bulb turned on. I loved every moment of scouring recipes, planning menus, and preparing meals each week. From cooking for my pasta-loving, omnivorous husband to my plant-based parents and everyone in between, I found myself looking forward to hours in the kitchen at night and every weekend. Co-workers and friends asked how I found the time to cook each week - they wanted to enjoy better meals, but being busy professionals balancing many obligations, there was no time.

Somewhere along the way, the idea of Soul to Plate was born: enable people with busy schedules to enjoy fully personalized, freshly prepared meals. Eat your favorite dishes, made with high quality ingredients, and regain time and energy for your friends, family, and passions.

I take joy in meeting each client to have a comprehensive discussion about preferences and goals so that I am able to prepare a unique, seasonal menu each week filled with dishes that become favorites. Not only does each client enjoy fresh, flavorful meals throughout the week, but they also gain back valuable time to spend however they would like!


About Chef Suzanna Perry

After living in Philadelphia for four years to attend Haverford College, I graduated in 2013 and returned to the Boston area, where I grew up.

My love for cooking dates back to my pre-school days, from which I have an index card detailing narrated instructions for “ice cream soup.” Although the ingredients and techniques I use have evolved, I still approach food with the same wonder and excitement as my six-year-old self. How amazing is it that we can fuel our bodies for our own unique needs so that we feel incredible and enjoy every bite?

I now live in Arlington with my husband, Alex. When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me at early morning yoga, entertaining my nieces and nephew, or traveling and exploring new restaurants.

Cooking is central to my life - it lights me up to learn about various cultures through food traditions and to put a smile on someone’s face with a soulfully prepared plate.

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