Roasted squash salad with crispy shallots and balsamic reduction  (vegan)

Roasted squash salad with crispy shallots and balsamic reduction (vegan)

Healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge  (vegan)

Healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge (vegan)

Better-than-takeout beef & broccoli served with steamed rice  (gluten-free)

Better-than-takeout beef & broccoli served with steamed rice (gluten-free)

PRIVate and small group cooking classes

Suzanna’s cooking lessons are for individuals, couples, or small groups that would like to learn basic cooking techniques and strategies that enable them to prepare food for a busy week ahead so that they can enjoy homemade breakfasts, lunches, and dinners each day.

After a phone conversation to discuss individual or group dietary preferences or restrictions, Suzanna will customize a menu for the class and send to you for review four days before the class so that you ask any questions or request changes. On the day of the class, Suzanna will do the grocery shopping and come to your home with the ingredients and a print-out of each recipe to be executed.

Not only will you finish the class with a fridge full of mouth-watering meals, but Suzanna will also provide an additional menu and grocery list that you can use the following week. Private cooking classes with a focus on meal preparation techniques are fantastic for individuals looking to gain confidence in the kitchen and develop organization that enables them to enjoy homemade meals all week long.


Pricing: Pricing starts at $250. Due to the customized nature of private cooking classes, pricing is discussed during our consultation. This excludes the cost of groceries, which will be reimbursed at cost.

Is cooking experience required to get value out of the class? No - no cooking experience is needed. In our consultation, we will discuss your comfort level in the kitchen and the class will be designed accordingly. Perhaps you have only made grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna salad or maybe you have done a lot of cooking but struggle to organize innovative, healthy menus that you can prepare efficiently in order to eat fresh meals all week long.

What kitchen equipment is required? A working stove, oven, and enough counter-space for all participants and me is enough to get started! In our consultation, we will discuss what kitchen tools you have so that I can plan menus appropriately.

What kind of recipes will we learn? Check out the Samples Menus for a peek into popular choices. This is not a “grilled chicken and steamed broccoli” kind of meal preparation class. Think colorful, well rounded dishes like Cider Braised Chicken with Brussels and Bacon or Carrot and Collard Green Pad Thai topped with Peanut Marinated Tempeh. These menu items represent a small sample of what is available - there is no limit to the dishes you can learn to prepare since Suzanna will plan a unique menu just for you!