Dishes bursting with flavors that will appeal to long-time vegans and meat-eaters alike.


Waffles with Strawberry Butter…Light, tender waffles topped with vegan strawberry butter. Choose to top with additional berries and perhaps peanut butter drizzle if PB&J flavors are your thing. These reheat like a charm and will have your weekday mornings feeling like Sunday brunch. (Vegan, DF)

Breakfast Scramble with Maple Sausage Links…A tofu, mushroom, tomato scramble that’s loaded with flavor from nutritional yeast, turmeric, onion and garlic. Served with a side of maple sausage links made from a combination of tempeh and lentil. This protein-packed breakfast is a satisfying way to begin your day. (Vegan, DF; option for: GF)

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl…Chocolate for breakfast? Less sugar and more protein than most store-bought yogurts? So dreams do come true! This warm, comforting breakfast bowl that uses quinoa instead of oats has a rich, chocolate flavor thanks to organic raw cacao and a square of ultra-dark chocolate. It is lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup and topped with your choice of fresh berries or hemp seeds. (Vegan, DF, SF)

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl…A sweet potato is baked to sticky, caramelized perfection then topped with homemade coconut yogurt, granola, and a drizzle of nut butter. My favorite breakfast to re-fuel after a morning workout. (Vegan, DF, SF, GF; options for: Paleo, Whole 30)


The Best Vegan Meatballs…tender, flavorful meatballs made with quinoa, black beans, and plenty of fresh herbs and spices for big flavor. Served over your choice of spaghetti (choice of white, whole wheat, chickpea, lentil, sweet potato noodles, or butternut squash noodles) tossed with a bright marinara sauce and topped with homemade vegan “parmesan cheese.” (Vegan, SF, DF)

Peach-glazed Tempeh…Tempeh, juicy eggplant, and red bell pepper in a sticky, sweet-but-savory Asian-inspired peach sauce. This dish packs protein and calcium (thanks, tempeh!) and the eggplant soaks up the addictive sticky sauce. Served over your choice of steamed brown rice, white rice, cauliflower rice, or broccoli rice. (Vegan, DF; options for: GF)

Vegan Mac 'N Cheese with Shiitake Mushroom Bacon…Have you ever tried the famous Mac ‘N Cheese at By Chloe? If you know, you know. It’s the real deal. Fortunately for us, the recipe was published and it's equally delicious with a few tweaks to remove a couple processed components. Shell pasta tossed in a “cheesy” sweet potato sauce and topped with bacon made from shiitake mushrooms. (Choice of white/whole-wheat/chickpea pasta shells; Vegan, DF, SF; options for: GF, Paleo, Whole 30)

Nourishing Chickpea Veggie Soup…A vegan remix on classic chicken noodle soup. An anti-inflammatory broth bursting with ginger and turmeric flavor is loaded with chickpeas, carrots, peas, celery, onions, and pearl couscous. You will want a comforting bowl of this soup on repeat all winter long. (Vegan, DF, SF; options for: GF)

Paneer Tikka Masala…In this take on an Indian restaurant favorite, firm tofu stands in for the cheese and cashews make the tikka masala sauce delightfully creamy. The end result has the same texture and flavor you know and love without the heavy cream that weighs you down. Served over your choice of basmati rice or cauliflower rice. (Vegan, DF, SF; options for: GF, Paleo)

Tangy Maple BBQ Burger…this is the vegan burger you serve to a stubborn carnivore to change their mind. Yep, it’s that good. Sauteed seitan, mushrooms, and greens are smothered in a tangy, tomato-based maple BBQ sauce and then piled onto a bun and topped with a caramelized pineapple slice. It’s a little bit messy and oh so delicious! (Option to enjoy on top of greens or on top of a baked sweet potato for a fork-and-knife meal; Vegan, DF)

Curry Butternut Squash Soup…The marriage of curry and butternut squash in a creamy soup. The heat from the curry is offset by the sweetness of the squash and coconut milk lends to a silky, decadent texture. Top with fresh cilantro, homemade croutons and dig in!

KEY…GF: Gluten-free, DF: Dairy-free, SF: soy-free

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